Latest Finds

27th Jul 2020

Brough House

During a 1949-50 excavation at Brough House on station rd a Floor, Romano-British pottery and coins were discovered . Read more …

27th Jul 2020

Ferry Inn Brough

Romano-British pottery discovered during a watching brief at The Ferry Inn, Brough. It is thought that this area would form parts of the harbour/docks for the transfering of supplies accross the humber Read more …

27th Jul 2020

Dig Site - Grassdale Park

Remains of a substantial wall along with Samian pottery, Vespasian coins, floors, glass, pot and plaster. Read more …

27th Jul 2020

Dig Site - Welton rd

On this site in 1980 a Roman building was found and excavated.  It contained a pot, oven and coins of both Vespasian and Domitian.  Read more …



Latest News

New Sponsor for 2021 Dig

We are proud to announce that for 2021 we have a new main Sponsor for the Dig.  Carmichael International Ltd is helping us to be able to acheive our objectives in been able to provide a wellbeing experience for those in a bad place due to the constraints we have endured over the last year due to the pandemic. Read more …


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