Community Involvement -Phase 1

Over the past three weekends the ReVisited project has been encouraging the community to get involved and try a new skill/interest, and learn how to use grophysical survey equipment for the good of local history.

With financial help from its own funds, Brantingham Parish Council, Love Your High Street Fund, and the use of equipment owned by the Roman Roads Research Association and training expedited by James Lyall circa 20 people have now been trained in the activity.


The results of the activity have been ground-breaking as the RRRA now believe they have irrefutable evidence as to the routing of the lost Roman road leading out of Petuaria to South cave.


Below are some Pictures of the geo phys reults.




Day 1




Day 2




Day 3 and 4




Day 5

Posted on 18th Oct 2020 07:45:22 by Admin