Crowdfunding Goes Live

As time gets close to the the start of the Roman Festival and the possibility of a further dig to get to the truth betneath the Burrs we need to build on the hidden successes of last year.  We will be doing this by actively participating by promoting the 5 stages of well being:-


Be active

Take Notice



With the five stages in mind we hope to be able to reserve place for those people who may benifit from the Wellbeing process.


Apart from the obvious human importance of the Wellbeing process we also need to be financially in a good place to be able to complete the post excavation costs of the Dig. 


It is with this in mind we have started a crowdfunding page so people can donate and help us acheive all our objectives

You can help by clicking HERE




Posted on 7th Feb 2021 10:55:13 by Admin