Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

As the end of another year approaches with another years dig behind us its time to look back on what we have achieved this year.


We had a very sucessful community update at the village hall with a full programm of events and talks. 

thanks to all the contributers for making it a success.

those involved were:-

Dr Peter Halkon - Project Site director

James Lyall -  Project Site director

Mike  Haken- Roman Roads Research Association director

Johnny Farley - Roman expert

Albert Hills - Roman Roads

Shane Blades - Poet


At the update all the school where invited to come and recieve a display box of roman finds.


Our Roman exhibition went live in the Petuaria Centre with find from the digs.

Our Community resource centre evolved with all things Roman including researc books, childrens games, jigsaws and videos. All available for the community to borrow.

Talks where also given to other community groups including Brantingham Parish council and their residents, ECB Womens Institute.

Community involvement sessions where set up to record the pottery of Professor Martin Millets that was found at a property down cave rd. 


As you can see its been a busy year with lots more to come as 2023  as its Roman Festival year.  So dont forget to put 15th July in your diary so you dont miss it.


July15th also marks the start of this years dig.







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