Roman Festival 10th July

Upto the time of publishing this post the festival is still on with an even bigger and more exciting educational experience for the community.

This year we will be entertained and educated by the following experiences, entertainment and educational groups


The festival includes


Petuaria ReVisited The search for a theatre the return - Community and wellbeing Archaeological dig

Petuaria ReVisited pop-up museum – Static display of Roman finds from last year’s dig.

Roman themed videos from last year’s archaeological dig.

Chris Hannard metal detectorist finds display.

Finds identification.

VI legion - Roman army training for kids and static display

Britannia Re-enactment - Live display in the main arena static display

Brigantes of Wincobank Hill - Live display in main arena and static display

Magister Milliterium – Static Display

Ninth legion – Static Display

Kurt Hunter-Mann - Static display. Roman games etc

Zek – Iron making skills display/stall - still to finalise.

Brian Berkett – loom/weaving demo/static display

Dr Nick Summerton  - Roman medicine demo

Roman Roads Research Association – Static display geophysical surveying 

Wessex archaeology Static Display and Kids entertainment 

East Riding Archaeological Society – Static display

Council of British Archaeology – Static display

Clive Ashman - Roman themed book stall

Jayne Finnis - Roman themed book stall


Plus food and drink stalls



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